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Ashta Nagas – Names of Ashta Nagas – Eight Snake Gods or Serpent Deities

Ashta Nagas are eight serpent gods worshipped in Hinduism. They are more popular in South India, especially in Kerala, South Karnataka, and parts of Tamil Nadu. The eight snake gods are separately worshiped. The names of Ashta Nagas are:
  1. Anantha or Sesha Naga
  2. Gulika
  3. Vasuki
  4. Shankapala
  5. Thakshak
  6. Mahapadma
  7. Padma and
  8. Karkodaka
Ashta Nagas are propitiated for early cure of skin diseases, for fertility, childbirth and to avoid all kinds of problems in horoscope due to the bad positioning of Rahu and Ketu Navagrahas.

It is also believed that propitating the eight nagas will help in discovering hidden treasures.