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How many Shivling can be worshipped in home? – How many Shivalingam can be kept in Puja Room in the house?

Many people have doubt regarding how many Shivalingam can be worshipped in home. The number of Shivling that can be kept in the puja room in the house varies from region to region. But the general opinion among astrologers and pandits (pujaris) is that only one Shivling should be worshipped in the puja room.

Please note that some Hindu communities do not keep Shivling at home. This is because quite often it is hard to offer pujas daily including performing Jal Abhishek – ritual of pouring water on Shivling.

But there are many devotees who keep Shivling at home. Such people should offer prayers daily and perform Jal Abhishek.

You should keep a Shivling at home only if you are sure that you can perform pujas daily.