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Story of Khana or Khona – a Woman with Gift of Prophecy

Story of Khana (Khona) is popular in Bengal and eastern parts of India. She is believed to have lived during the 5th century AD. People repeat her prophecies and sayings even today. Her sayings are related to agriculture, climate, rain etc.

Legend has it that Khana was the daughter-in-law of Varahamihira, who was a great astronomer and mathematician. He was a key member of the royal court of Vikramaditya.

One day, Varahamihira returned home worried. On enquiry, Khana found that the King wanted to know the number of stars in the sky and Varahamihira was unable to answer it.

Khana easily solved the problem and Varahamihira went back to the court with the answer.

The king then wanted to know the method used to find the answer.

Varahamihira admitted to the king that Khana, his daughter-in-law, worked out solution to the problem.

Vikramaditya then offered Khana a prestigious place in the royal court.

But Khana thought her father-in-law could feel humiliated, she cut off her tongue and became dumb.

Some of her sayings – If there is a dense fog in the month of Chaitra, or if there is flood in the month of Bhadra, there will be natural calamity during which human skulls will cover the earth.

If there, blows a southern wind in Ashada month, rest assured there will be flood.