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List Puja of items used in Shradh Ritual

Shradh ritual in Hindu religion is dedicated to dead ancestors. It is an important annual ceremony for majority of Hindus. Here are the puja items used in Shradh ritual.
Banana leafCopper plateCooked riceDarbha or Kusha grass – ring of darbha and the grass spread as seatingBhringaraj leavesTulsi leavesBlack sesame or tilTil mixed with waterUncooked rice or barleyHoneyBlack GramWhite flowers (red flowers are not used in Shradh)Sandalwood pasteBetel nut and leaf In some regions, people cook favorite food of the dead person.
Please note that not all items will be used in all regions. This is to give a general idea regarding items needed for Shradh.

To be wise is to use the treasure of time well – Dadi Janki

To be wise is to use the treasure of time well.
We are all aware of the physical resources we have and usually make good use of them. But we are often careless about the resource time. We tend to believe that using time well means planning the day and working according to that plan – and we manage to do that most of the time. But all of us find that a large amount of time goes to waste.
Using time well means being aware of where I am investing it. When I invest time in creating positive thoughts, words, and actions, then I save lots of time. And I am sure to get the best out of this investment, too – if find myself gaining good returns from everything I do.
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