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Story of the origin of Krishna Yajurveda or Taittiriya Samhita

Yajurveda is one among the four Vedas and is the only Veda with two different versions – Krishna (black) Yajurveda and Shukla (white) Yajurveda. The traditional story associated with the origin of the both the versions are associated with Sage Yajnavalkya.

Sage Yajnavalkya was the disciple of Sage Vaishampayana. The Sage once committed a sin and he wanted to perform a yajna to purify himself. He asked his disciples to make preparations for the fire sacrifice. Yajnavalkya wanted to make sure that there was no mistake in yajna preparation so he asked his Guru to allow him to do all the preparations as his other disciples might make some mistakes.
Sage Vaishampayana thought that Yajnavalkya was being arrogant and asked him to leave the ashram immediately and return all that he had learned.
It is said that the Sage Yajnavalkya had reached such heights in his learning that he vomited in flesh all that he learned in front of Sage Vaishampayana and he walked away.
The Sage then asked his o…

Sathurthi Viratham October 2015 date – Vinayagar Sathurthi Fasting

Sathurthi Viratham, also known as Vinayagar Sathurthi, is dedicated to Hindu God Ganesha. Sathurthi Viratham date in October 2015 is October 30.  It is observed on the fourth day of the Krishna Paksha or waning phase of moon as per traditional Hindu calendar. Fasting is dedicated to Vinayagar (Ganesha). This fasting is popularly known as Sankashti in western parts of India and Sankatahara Chaturthi in South India.

Sathurthi Viratham is observed by millions of Vinayagar devotees and it is considered to be highly auspicious and wish fulfilling upvaas.

Sathurthi Viratham begins at sunrise and ends after evening puja or after sighting the moon. Ganesha Temples conduct special pujas on the day.

It is widely believed that observing Vinayagar Sathurthi will bring prosperity, happiness and fulfillment of desires.
The greatness of Sathurthi Viratham was explained by Lord Krishna to Yudhishtira, the eldest of the Pandavas. It is also detailed in the Narasimha Purana and Bhavishaya Purana.

Kanya Rashifal 2016 – Kanya Rashifal for 2016

As per Kanya Rashifal 2016, people born in this rashi will face some tough situations. Career problems. Difference of opinion with father. New job. Detail Kanya Rashifal for 2016 is given below. February, April, July and December 2016 are good. January, March, May, August and October 2016 are bad. June, September and November 2016 will see both good and bad times.

Job - New job through success in exams and interviews. Good year for those looking for clerical or accounts related jobs. Avoid taking shortcuts and bribe, as it will be exposed. You will take up studies for progressing in career. You will face stiff opposition from seniors or management. You might resign from present job and take a new one. Favorable year for self-employed.

Money - Gains from property deals. Sudden expenditure or stoppage of a regular income. Loans will be delayed. Renovation plans will be delayed. Income through a talent you have. A property related problem will be solved through mediation. You will get cos…

Simha Rashifal 2016 – Simha Rashifal for 2016

As per Simha Rashifal 2016, it will be a good year. Financial gains. Sudden reversal in career. Child birth. Simha Rashifal for 2016 is given below in detail. January, March, April, July and September 2016 are good for Simha Rasi. February, May, November and December 2016 are neither good nor bad. June, August and October 2016 will see some troubles.

Job - Those looking for job abroad will meet with success. You will have to do lot of hard work this year. You will have to work under pressure from an external factor. Lack of success in interviews and job related tests. Transfer to a distant location. Those looking for job will face some tough situations.

Money - Luck in games, lottery and stocks. Financial gains through speculation. Loans will be approved. You will get clothes as gift. Problems related to standing surety.  Avoid giving loans. You will waste money on costly beauty products or luxury items. A legal matter that was long pending will be settled in your favor. Awards or help…

Temptation is the touchstone of the soul – Dada J P Vaswani

In truth it is pleasure that enjoy us. For, while pleasure always remains young and vital, it is we who keep growing old and get consumed in the fire of pleasure.
No man has been matriculated to the art of life till he has been well tempted and overcome every temptation.
Even as dumbbells strengthen our physical muscles, even so temptations strengthen the muscles of the soul. They develop our hidden spiritual strength. Temptations unlock the hidden powers of the Spirit.
A person becomes holy, in the measure in which he overcomes temptations.
Temptation is the touchstone of the soul. Even as gold is tested on the touchstone of the soul. Even as gold is tested on the touchstone, even so man’s character, the loftiness of his soul is tested by the temptations he is able to overcome.
Dada J P Vaswani

Today’s Hindu Calendar – September 26, 2015 – Tithi, Vrat, Good Time, Nakshatra, Rashi and Festival

Tithi in Hindu Calendar on Saturday, September 26, 2015 (Today) – Shukla Paksha Trayodasi Tithi or the thirteenth day during the waxing phase of moon in Hindu calendar and Panchang in most regions. It is Shukla Paksha Trayodasi Tithi or the thirteenth day during the waxing phase of moon till 1:13 PM on September 26, 2015. Then onward it is Shukla Paksha Chaturdasi Tithi or the fourteenth day during the waxing phase of moon. All time based on India Standard Time.
How is September 26, 2015 as per Hindu Panchang? – It is good and auspicious day after 8:30 AM.
Nakshatra – Dhanishta or Sravishta or Avittam Nakshatra till 12:24 AM on September 26. Then onward it is Shathabhisha or Sadayam or Chathayam Nakshatram till 10:56 PM. Then onward it is Purva Bhadrapada or Pooruruttathi Nakshatra.
Rashi or Moon Sign –Kumbha Rasi.
Festivals, Vrat and Auspicious days – Pradosh Vrat in some rare regions
Kali Yuga Year – 5117
Vikram Samvant 2072 – Bhadrapad Shukla Paksha Trayodasi Tithi or the thirteenth da…