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Trimukha Ganapati – Ganesh With Three Faces

Trimukha Ganapati is Ganesha with three faces and is one among the 32 forms of Ganesh. Prayers to Trimukha Ganapathi help in getting rid of past sins. He also guides a person in this life to attain Moksha. Trimukha Ganapati mantra is Srimattikshana shikankushaksha Vardaan Dakshe Dadhaanah Karah! Paasham chamrita poornakumbhamabhaye vaame dadhaano mudhaa!! Pethe swarnamayaravinda vilasata satkarnikaa bhasure! Swaasinah trimukhah palaas ruchiro naagaasana paatu nah!! Trimukha Ganapati has contemplative face and sits atop a lutus. He has six arms – one right hand shows the protection mudra and one left hand is in blessing posture. The other four hands hold roasary, noose, goad and a pot of nectar. Guilt of sins committed unknowingly is forgiven by Trimukha Ganapati. Constant meditation on this form helps in alleviating the fear of future.

The 14 Worlds in Hindu Tradition as Mentioned in the Puranas

Hindu tradition talks about 14 worlds – Puranas suggests seven of these 14 are earth and above earth and seven are below earth. The fourteen are Bhuloka, Bhuvarloka, Swargaloka, Maharloka, Janaloka, Tapoloka, Satya Loka, Athala, Vithala, Suthala, Rasathala, Talathala, Mahathala, and Patala. Those Worlds that are above earth are – Bhuloka – Earth – the places that our feet touch Bhuvarloka – This world is between earth and sun. Siddhas and Saints live here. Swargaloka – Indra and other Devas live here Maharloka – Hindu God Vishnu resides here Janaloka – Dead souls reside here. Tapaloka – Mahrishis reside Satyaloka – Brahma resides here The Worlds that are below earth are Athalam – Place associated with Yama Vithalam – Place associated with Shiva Suthala – King Bali resides here Rasathala – Rakshasas reside here Talathalam – Spot associated with Mayamayi Mahathalam – Place associated with Serpents Pathalam – Place associated with Yama and Nagas. When th

Kannada Mantra for Removing Troubles in Family - Mantra in Kannada Language for Removal of Trouble in Family

Below is a prayer in Kannada language for removing troubles in family. Anyone can chant this mantra for removal of all sorts of trouble in family. The mantra should be chanted continuously for 40 days to be effective. The person can decide the number of times it is chanted. It is ideal to chant the mantra in the morning. During the chanting you mind should not wander around.