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Tamil Mantra for Removing Troubles in Family - Mantra in Tamil Language for Removal of Trouble in Family

Below is a prayer in Tamil language for removing troubles in family. Anyone can chant this mantra for removal of all sorts of trouble in family. The mantra should be chanted continuously for 40 days to be effective. The person can decide the number of times it is chanted. It is ideal to chant the mantra in the morning. During the chanting you mind should not wander around.

Go forward – Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa

There are two kinds of yogis, the ‘revealed’ and the ‘hidden’. The householder may be a hidden yogi. None recognizes him. The householder should renounce mentally not outwardly. He may become a vijnani in the end. But it is not good to force oneself into renunciation.
Sometimes God totally effaces the ego of His devotee, as in the state of Samadhi. But in many cases He keeps a trace of ego. But that doesn’t injure anyone. It is like ego of a child. A five-year-old child no doubt says ‘I’, but that ego does not harm anyone.
Go forward. Push on. You will discover in the forest sandalwood. Go farther and you will find the silver mine. Go farther still and you will see gold mine. Do not stop there. Go forward and you will reach the mines of rubies and diamonds. Therefore, I say, go forward.
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