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Bonam Pot In Bonalu Festival In Telangana – How To Make Bonam Pot? - Items In The Bonalu Pot

Bonam is made during the Bonalu festival dedicated to Mother Goddess held on the Sundays in Ashada month in Telangana. Bonam is a pot that is carried by women devotees dressed in traditional attire to the Mother Goddess temples like the Mahankali Temple . ‘Bonam’ means ‘Bhojanam’ in Telugu, an offering to the Goddess. Here is a brief description of how to make Bonam Pot with items to be placed in it. Bonam is a pot made using metal or clay. The pot contains Uncooked rice, Turmeric powder Jaggery and Curd The pot is decorated with sindoor – red color. Some people decorate it with marigold flowers or red color flowers. The pot is covered with neem leaves and a lamp placed on it. The pot is carried on head by the devotees.