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How to do or observe Jaya Parvati Vrat?

Jaya Parvati Vrat is observed in the month of Ashada in Gujarat and it is mainly observed by women and is dedicated to Goddess Parvati and Lord Shiva. The Vrat is observed for a happy, peaceful and prosperous life. Here is a brief procedure of how to do or perform Jaya Parvati Vrat. This is not a step by step guide but only give a brief idea. Jaya Parvati Vrat is observed for five days. The Vrat starts on the 13th day in the Shukla Paksha (waxing phase of moon) in the month of Ashada (June – July). Goddess Parvati and Lord Shiva are worshipped during the five-day period. Various poojas dedicated to Shiva and Parvati like the Uma Maheshwar puja are performed during this period. Salt is completely avoided during the five days of Vrata. Wheat and vegetables are also avoided. On the fifth day, an all night vigil or ‘jagran’ is kept by those observing the Vrata. This staying awake during the night is referred as Jayaparvati Jagran. Jaya Parvati Vrat is br

Kettai Nakshatra Male Characteristics – Kettai Birth Star Born Male Character

One of the most important characteristics of Kettai Nakshatra born Male is that they will be always hard working. Another important character of the birth star is that they will be keen in upholding truth and values. Other Kettai Nakshatra Male Characteristics are given below: Will always try to keep their mind calm and happy Will have lot of relatives and friends. Will have a good health. Will become leaders. Will make friends and get things done through sweet talk. Will have good intelligence. Will like to be independent. Will be interested in sex related matters. Will be interested in luxury. Might turn back after reach success point.

Anizham Nakshatra Male Characteristics – Anizham Birth Star Born Male Character

One of the most important characteristics of Anizham Nakshatra born Male is that they will not have a proper disciplined childhood. Another important character of the birth star is that they will be staunch believers of god. Other Anizham Nakshatra Male Characteristics are given below: Will be forced to stay away from home. Will travel a lot Will like to talk a lot Will never compromise on truth. Unnecessary thoughts and related worries. Will always be in the good books of good people. Will be interested in cooking. Will not be keen in sex related matters. Will like to eat a lot and try new food items.

Chothi Nakshatra Male Characteristics – Chothi Birth Star Born Male Character

One of the most important characteristics of Chothi Nakshatra born Male is that they will be keen in coming up in life without other people’s help. Another important character of the birth star is that they will have good control of the senses. Other Chothi Nakshatra Male Characteristics are given below: Will be humble Not keen in luxury and material things. Will always be happy. Will lead a simple life. Will have fights and difference of opinion with relatives. Will be keen in borrowing money. Will always uphold high moral standards. Will stay away from home for long periods. Will not change the opinion they have once made.

Vyadeshwar Shiva – About Vyadeshwar Form of Shiva

Vyadeshwar is a popular form of Shiva and is worshipped in the coastal region in Maharashtra. In this form, Shiva had given darshan to Lord Parashuram, an Avatar of Vishnu. The most important temple dedicated to Vyadeshwar Shiva is located at Guhanagar in Ratnagiri District in Maharashtra. Vyadeshwar Shiva is the family deity of many Chitpavan families in Konkan region of Maharashtra. Legend has it that Bhagvan Parashuram regained the land of Konkan after throwing His axe into the sea. He then asked Bhagvan Shiva to reside in the Konkan region and give darshan to him and devotees. Thus, Shiva came to reside in the region. It is said that Parashuram brought 60 Vipras to reside in the area. One of the Vipra named Vyad installed a Shivling and it came to be known as Vyadeshwar Shiva. Another legend has it that Vyad Muni installed and worshipped a Shivling in the region. When Kaliyuga started Shiva decided to reside in the Shivling and help those devotees wanting to esc

Shiva and Markandeya – Story of Shiva Saving Markandeya From Yama

Markandeya Story is one of an ardent devotee of Shiva overcoming Yama (death) with the help of Mahadev Shiva. Sage Mrikandu and Marudvati had no children. Mrikandu Rishi then prayed to Shiva who gave him an option – 100 sons who are foolish or one son who will be intelligent but with a short life. Sage Mrikandu opted for an intelligent son – who will only live for 16 years. In due course of time, Marudvati gave birth to a son and the Sage named him Markandeya. The boy was very intelligent and became well versed in Vedas and other Shastras. But as the boy grew older, Sage Markandeya became sadder and sadder. Young Markandeya soon found out the reason for his father’s sadness. Markandeya consoled his father by saying that he too will pray to Shiva and find a solution to escape from death. Markandeya soon created a Shivling and started offering worship. He performed pujas and chanted bhajans daily. On his 16th day birthday, Yama the god of death appeared to

Kaleshwaram – Most Sought After Spot for Holy Dip During Pushkarams

Kaleshwaram is one of the most sought after spot for holy dip during Godavari Pushkaram . The popular belief is that Kaleshwaram is the Triveni Sangamam or the meeting point of Pranahita River, Godavari River and the Saraswati River.  Devotees will be taking bath at the confluence of Godavari Rivar and Pranahita River during the Pushkaram. It is believed that Saraswathi River flows underground along with Pranahita and Godavari rivers at Kaleshwaram. Sri Kaleshwara Mukhteeshwara Swamy is located here. In the temple, two Shivlings are placed on single pedestal and one is called Yama and another Shiva. Devotees, who visit this place, first offer prayers to Lord Yama and later to Lord Shiva. The temple also houses Goddess Saraswathi and Surya, the son god. Thus the temple is home to unique murtis. Kaleshwaram is around 130 km from Karimnagar in Andhra Pradesh. Saraswati Pushkaram and Pranahita Pushkaram are also held here.