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Neelimala at Sabarimala – Neelimala Mountain on the way to Sabarimala Ayyappa Temple (Sannidanam) from Pampa

Nelimala is the first mountain (climb) on the way from Pampa to Sannidanam (SabarimalaAyyappaTemple). The trek here is tough as the mountain is steep. There are two steep climbs. There is thick forest cover on both the sides.
The path here is concreted. There is also a medical center here especially for helping heart patients.
Neelimala comes after PampaRiver, Pampa Ganapathi Kovil and Pandalam King Mandapam.
Once a devotee completes the climb of Neelimala, he reaches Appachimedu.
Neelimala is also considered the second toughest climb on the trek to SabarimalaAyyappaTemple.

Mangalvar Vrat Katha – Story of Tuesday Fasting in Hinduism

Tuesday fasting, or Mangalvar Vrat, is dedicated to Lord Hanuman and to Mangal Grah. In Hinduism, every fast has one or more story associated with it and those people observing the Vrat read or listen to the story on the fasting day. There are several stories associated with Tuesday fasting. This particular Mangalvar Vrat Katha is associated with Lord Hanuman.
Once there was an old lady who was an ardent devotee of Lord Hanuman. She used to observe Mangalvar Vrat. On Tuesday, the old lady used to break her fast at a HanumanTemple. She used to share whatever food she had with Lord Hanuman.
The old lady was living with her daughter-in-law and she used to get four chappatis on Tuesday from her daughter-in-law. The old lady used to offer two chappatis to Lord Hanuman and eat the other two.
One day the daughter-in-law found out that the old lady was offering chappatis to Hanuman and not eating it fully and wasting them. Next Tuesday she only gave two chappatis. The old lady gave one to Lo…

We all have knowledge but not awareness – Mata Amritanandamayi Devi

Along with knowledge about the world, we have to understand ourselves. Only then will our education be complete.
Just as the sun doesn’t need the light of a candle, God doesn’t need anything from us. Helping the poor and needy is true prayer. Without compassion, all our efforts will be in vain—like pouring milk into a dirty vessel.
May the tree of our life be firmly rooted in the soil of love. Let good deeds be the leaves on that tree; may words of kindness form its flowers; may peace be its fruit.
We all have knowledge but not awareness. We must wake up within. Inner growth is real growth. Only then will we start gaining awareness along with knowledge.
You must become aware of the consequences of each of your actions. Then you won’t do anything wrong. Most of the wrong things we do are done due to lack of awareness. Therefore, we should always think about the consequences of an action before doing it.
Mata Amritanandamayi Devi