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Goddess Gadhimai – About Goddess Gadhi Mai

Goddess Gadhimai is a local deity worshipped in the Bara District of Nepal and is a fierce manifestation of Mother Goddess Shakti. There are thousands of manifestations of Goddess Shakti but what makes Goddess Gadhi Mai popular is the animal sacrifice performed to appease her once in five years. It is believed that slaughtering of animals relieve the anger of the goddess.

People believe that the all powerful Goddess can be pleased only through animal sacrifice. She is believed to bless devotees with prosperity. She is also worshipped to defeat enemies. People slaughter animals after desire or wish is fulfilled – like birth of a child, relief from disease etc.

Gadhimai Mela or fair, notorious for the sacrifice of large number of animals, is held once in five years in the Bara District of Nepal and is mainly attended by people from Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand in India. Nearly 400,000 animals are sacrificed during the period.

Goddess Gadhimai speaks through a high priestess in the temple. When the goddess has to convey a message, the priestess is possessed by the spirit of the goddess. She then shudders and quakes in ecstasy and reprimands, blesses or gives permission.