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Appachimedu at Sabarimala – Importance of Appachimedu on the way to Sabarimala Ayyappa Temple

Appachimedu is located on the way from Pamba to Sabarimala Temple. It is one of the important places that an Ayyappa devotee comes across while trekking to the Sabarimala Ayyappa Temple. On both the sides of the path to the temple there are two deep pits at Appachimedu. These pits are known as Appachi and Eppachi. Ayyappa devotees throw rice powder balls (Ariyunda) into the pits.

Legend has it that one of Lord Ayyappa’s disciple named Kaduvaran resides here. He keeps all the evil spirits in control here and stops them from disturbing or harming the Ayyappa devotees.

People also believe that earlier when there was no electricity and other modern facilities, wild animals used to hide in these deep pits. To escape from their attack people used to throw rice powder balls – the animals used to go after the rice balls and spare the devotees.

Appachimedu was also the spot where Ayyappa devotees to used to give alms to beggars. But now this practice has been stopped.

Appachimedu is before Sabari Peedam.

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