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Vedic Math Multiplication Methods

The multiplication methods used in Vedic Maths helps in making the whole process easy and simple. By looking at the numbers one can multiply the numbers in our mind with Vedic Maths methods. 
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 Today we look at a method to find the product of two-digit numbers with the same first digit and the sum of the second digits is 10. Number pairs like 11 and 19, 12 and 18, 23 and 27 are examples of numbers which have the same tens digit and whose units digits add up to 10.
 Let us break down this method into the following steps.
 Multiply the tens digit (same for both) by the next consecutive number. That will be the first part of our answer.
 Multiply the units digits of the two numbers. That will be the second part of the answer.
 We have to remember that it is similar to the Nikhilam method, which has a base number and where the number of digits in the answer is decided by the number of zeros in the base.
 For two-digit numbers we take 100 as the base, so the number of digits should be two. In particular we have to stick to the number of digits in the second part of the answer. Otherwise the answer may go wrong.
 Example: 33 X 37
 The tens digit of both numbers is 3 and the sum of the units digits is 10.
 Multiply 3 (the tens digit) by the next number 4.
3 x 4 = 12. This is the first part of the answer.
 Multiply the units digits.
3 x 7 = 21.  This is the second part of the answer.
 Therefore, 33 x 37 = 1221