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Ashtami 2018 - 2019 dates – Durga Ashtami Monthly Fasting Dates in 2018

Ashtami 2018 - 2019 dates based on Hindu calendar and panchang followed by Hindus in India. Special pujas and fasting are observed on Shukla Paksha Ashtami, or 8th day of the waxing phase of moon in traditional Hindu Tithi calendar, by many Hindus. The rituals of the day are dedicated Goddess Shakti, especially to Goddess Durga. Here are the Ashtami 2018 dates.

Fasting dedicated to Goddess Durga is observed on the day by a large number of Hindus, especially in North and Eastern parts of India.

The most important Ashtami is the one observed in Chaitra Month and the other in Ashwin month.

Fasting from sunrise to next day sunrise is observed by Mother Goddess Durga devotees. Ashtami 2018 January 25, 2018, Thursday

February 23, 2018, Friday

March 25, 2018, Sunday - Chaitra Navratri Ashtami

April 23, 2018, Monday

May 22, 2018, Tuesday

June 20, 2018, Wednesday

July 20, 2018, Friday

August 18, 2018, Saturday –  Ashtami

September 17, 2018, Monday

October 17, 2018, Wednesday
Durga Ashtami during…

Mangalsutra Vati Symbolic Meaning – Reason For Using Golden Mangalsutra Cups

Mangalsutra Vati, or cups, is widely used in Maharashtra and in parts of Gujarat and Northern Karnataka. The reason for wearing the golden mangalsutra cups on chain after marriage is that it attracts lot of positive energy. Symbolically the joining of the two Vati means union of the male and female. It also means the woman is married and is blessed with divine energy.
The vati or golden cups are hollow on one side. The hollow side faces the body and good energy is attracted towards the cup.
The Vati Mangalsutra helps in keeping the body and mind healthy.
Some people claim that is also regularizes the blood circulation in the body.

Story of Dadhimukha – A Vanara in the Ramayana

Dadhimukha was part of the Vanara (monkey) army in the Ramayana. His name is also mentioned in the Mahabharata. As per Ramayana, he is the maternal uncle of Sugriva, the king of Vanaras. He was the guard and custodian of the Madhuvana, a forest rich in honey, fruits and herbs located between the MahendraMountain and Kishkindha.
Dadhimukha was also the leader of a large group of monkeys and he brought the army to rescue Mata Sita. As per Ramayana, the powerful Vanara leader brought 10 crore strong army to join Sugriva and Hanuman.
Ramayana mentions that Angada and other monkeys were happy on receiving the news of sighting of Mata Sita and caused damage to the Madhuvana in their celebration. Dadhimukha complained to Sugriva about the incident. Sugriva asked Dadhimukha to forgive the high spirits of the monkeys.

Bali Tarpanam at Pamba River – Offerings Made to Dead Relatives and Ancestors by Ayyappa Devotees at Pampa

PambaRiver which follows through the base of SabarimalaMountain is considered as holy as GangaRiver. Performing Bali Tarpanam on the banks of Pampa is considered highly meritorious. Annually Ayyappa devotees who visit the SabarimalaTemple do Bali Tarpanam to dead parents, relatives and ancestors.
The Bali Tarpanam is performed at Triveni – the PambaRiver, Kallar and Njunagar meet here. Performing Tarpanam is like performing it at Prayag the confluence of Saraswati, Ganga and Yamuna in Allahabad.
Legend has it that Lord Ayyappa performed Tarpanam for the warriors who died in the war against Maravapada at Triveni.
Some people perform Tarpanam in memory of this incident.

Gangotri Glacier is Shrinking Fast – More Trouble for Ganga River

Around 70 percent of the water of the GangaRiver during summer months is provided by Gangotri Glacier. BhagirathiRiver, which is one of the main tributaries of the Ganga, originates from the glacier. A latest observation points out that the Gangotri Glacier is shrinking fast. The Hindu reports  The Gangotri glacier is rapidly disintegrating, states the latest observation of a team from the Almora-based G.B. Pant Institute of Himalayan Environment and Development.  The team of the institute, which has been monitoring the Himalayan glaciers, particularly the Gangotri, since 1999, visited the glacier between June and October, this year. Kireet Kumar, Scientist in the Glacial Study Centre of the institute, said, “Our team has been observing disintegration in the snout of the Gangotri glacier for around three year now. This time the team observed that the disintegration on the right side of the snout is taking place at a rapid rate.” Dr. Kumar said rapid melting of the Raktvarn, Chaturangi…

Patience brings harmonious relationships – Dadi Janki

Patience brings harmonious relationships.
Misunderstandings can cause problems in a relationship, especially when we make little effort to understand another person and their point of view. We tend to become impatient and do not listen to what the other person is saying. Instead, we make assumptions, which are often wrong and cause further misunderstandings.
When I have a difference of opinion with someone, I need to make time to listen to what the other person has to say. Only then will I be able to understand their point of view. This practice will help me clear up misunderstandings I have with others and bring harmony to my relationships.
Dadi Janki