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Mantra for Good Sex Text in Hindi and English – Mantra Dedicated to Kamdev or Manmatha

Mantra for good sex is for those people who lack confidence in sex. It is dedicated to Kamdev or Manmatha, the Hindu God of Love. Please note that the mantra will not help in attracting a girl. You should chant the mantra in the morning and in the evening. The text is given below in Hindi and English and is in picture format. Mantra for Good Sex in Hindi Mantra for Good Sex in English

Shukra Gayatri Mantra Text in Hindi and English

Shukra Gayatri Mantra is dedicated to Shukra, one of the Navgrahas. It is a highly favorable planet as per traditional Hindu astrology. The text is given below in Hindi and English and is in picture format. Shukra stays in the horoscope or janam kundali of a person for twenty years. Chanting the Shukra Gayatri mantra will help a person achieve peace and success in life. The person will also be blessed with luck and wealth. Shukra Gayatri Mantra in Hindi Shukra Gayatri in English The mantra should be chanted in the morning and the evening.

Seeing Plane in Dream – Airplane or Helicopter or other flying objects in Dream – Meaning and Interpretation

Seeing ship, Airplane or Helicopter or other flying objects, in dream is very common. Seeing flying objects is also mentioned in Hindu texts that analyses and study dreams and pronounces its interpretation. Seeing airplane in dream is considered positive. As per interpretation, such dreams suggest that the person will be traveling to foreign locations. It is an indication of improvement in career. Jobs abroad or the fulfillment of the desire to move to a new country. It must be noted that majority of the dreams have no meaning as quite often what you see in dream is about a major incident that happened on the day.

Beauty Spot or Mole on the Arm or Shoulder - Til on Arm or Shoulder meaning and importance – Is it bad or good?

Til, or beauty spot or mole, on arm or shoulder is both good and bad in Hinduism. But then what does it mean? Is there any symbolic meaning to til on the arm or shoulder? Also please note that the position of the beauty spot have no real significance in many Hindu cultures. As per some Hindu cultures, the person who has til or mole on the right arm will be honored and will achieve status in society. There will be happiness. The person will achieve success through hard work and dedication. The person who has til or mole on the left arm will be involved in numerous fights. The person will be irritated with other people’s behavior. Please note that these inferences are not based on Hindu scriptures. These are purely regional and community based. You should not blindly believe in such things.