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Origin of Mulaganga in Kanyakumari Temple – Mula Ganga Well in the Temple

Mulaganga is a water reservoir (well) located in the KanyakumariTemple in Tamil Nadu. When Devi Kanyakumari annihilated the demon Banasura, Devas came to the seashore, the site of the battle, to felicitate Goddess on her victory. But Devas could not find fresh water to pour over the Devi. There was no fresh water in the vicinity and they could not use the salt sea water.
Goddess Kanyakumari then threw down her spear which split the earth a great fountain of water gushed out from the seven Patalas and covered the earth. The flood alarmed the gods and human beings.
They asked Goddess to save them. She then made a huge hole on the spot and contained the water in it and the water never overflowed. This well was named the Mulgaganga.
The Mula Ganga is located in the second Prakaram (inner courtyard) of the temple. Water from it is used during the abhishekam ritual for deities worshipped in the temple.

How to perform Choroonu as Per Malayali Hindu Tradition? – How to do the First Rice Eating Ceremony of Child?

Choroonu is the first rice eating ceremony of a child in Kerala and it is performed in the sixth month of the birth of the baby. Choroonu is the Malayalam term used by Malayalis in Kerala to refer to the first rice feeding ceremony of the baby. Choru means rice in English and unnuka means to eat. Here is a brief description on how to perform or do the first rice eating ceremony in Kerala Hindu style.
Earlier it was the maternal uncle who performed the rice eating ceremony. But today father or grandfather performs the ceremony.
On the Chorronu day, the child is bathed, then wears new dress and is taken to the nearby temple for worship.
The person performing the ceremony sits in the traditional wooden seat or on the ground.
The person should sit facing east.
A lamp is lighted and kept.
Food prepared for the day is served in a plantain leaf. It is plain Kerala rice that is served along with a traditional curry and a sweet (payasam).
First, a portion of the food to be served is offered t…

Fun – How does the Author of Ramayana, Sage Valmiki, look like in Google Search?

If you run a search as to who is the author of Ramayana in Google you will get the correct answer Sage Valmiki along with his picture. But how does Sage Valmiki look like in Google search – like Jimmy Shergill. The photo given along with the correct answer by Google is that of popular Bollywood actor Jimmy Shergill.
We cannot blame Google because no one knows how Sage Valmiki looked like. He might have looked like Jimmy Shergill. Computer is always right. It might have scanned through thousands of images before deciding on this popular actor. After lot of permutations and combinations, the one human in modern world that matches the description of Sage Valmiki is Jimmy Shergill.

Chikka Tirupathi Temple Timings – Opening and Closing Timings at Chikka Tirupathi Temple

ChikkaTirupathiTemple is dedicated to Prasanna Venkataramana Swamy and is located near Bangalore in Karnataka. The timings of ChikkaTirupathiTemple are given in detail below. The opening and closing timings of the temple will be extended during important festivals and rituals. The temple remains closed for a major part of the day when there is Grahan or eclipse.
Daily opening and closing time
6:30 AM to 7:30 PM
Special days – Festivals and important ritual days
5:00 AM to 10:00 PM

Beauty Spot on Neck - Til on Neck Meaning and Importance – Is it Bad or Good?

Beauty spot or til on neck is not interrupted as bad in Hinduism. It is neither good. Neck means Gardhan in Hindi. The position of beauty spot, locally known as til, has specific meaning to certain communities. It is also only given importance in certain regions.
The person with til on neck will get opportunity to rest. This can be interrupted as the person will get a job which will not need much effort. It can also mean that the person might suffer from some ailments.
It must be remembered that the use of beauty spot to determine future etc is not followed by majority of Hindus. It is limited to certain communities and regions.
There are also no references in Hindu scriptures which such about importance of beauty spot.
It would be wise if you do not follow such things and concentrate on your studies and career.

Contact Details of Nanjangud Shiva Temple – E-mail – Phone and Address of Nanjundeshwara Temple – Srikanteshwara Swamy

NanjangudShivaTemple is popularly known as NanjundeshwaraTemple or Srikanteshwara Swamy Shrine. Contact details of the temple with email, phone and postal address is given below. Please note that these are provided on the official websites of government. Quite often there are no updates of the changes. So if there is any error we are not responsible.
Address - Postal Address Executive Officer :
Nanjangud – 571 301.
Mysore District.

Nanjangud Shiva Temple Phone Numbers
Executive Officer : 08221-223320
Office : 08221-226245
Dormitory : 08221-226542
Fax : 08221 – 223523
STD Code of the region is 08221
E- MailAddressNanjangudShivaTemple[email protected]