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Badami Banashankari Temple Contact Number – Telephone Number of Banashankari Temple at Badami

BanashankariTemple at Cholachagudda in Badami in Karnataka is dedicated to Goddess Banashankari. Detailed contact numbers of the temple along telephone – landline number is given below. The Mother Goddess is the family deity of many families in the region.
Badami Banashankari Temple Telephone number
Chairman, Shri Banashankari Devasthan Trust 08357-220100 (as per BSNL directory) 08357-220113 (information provided by a reader)
The temple is located around 5 km from Badami on the banks of MalaprabhaRiver.

Mantra for Conceiving – Mantra to Get Pregnant after Marriage

The mantra for getting pregnant or conceiving after marriage is dedicated to Mother Goddess Durga, Ganesha and Sri Krishna. The mantra given below is highly powerful. It has an important suffix added to the Gayatri Mantra. Chanting the mantra daily in the morning and evening will help in solving troubles related to child birth.
The mantra is:

The first letters of the mantra is highly powerful – Om Shrim Hreem Kleem.
The mantra should only be used by married women.
Along with chanting the mantra one should also offer prayers to Goddess Durga, Ganesha and Sri Krishna daily.
It will be highly meritorious if you can perform Annadanam or food donation to hungry children.

Seeing fights in Dream – Fighting with Other People in Dream – Meaning and Interpretation

Seeing fights in dream or seeing oneself fighting with other people in dream is very common. It is also mentioned in Hindu texts that analyses and study dreams and pronounces its interpretation. It must be noted that majority of the dreams have no meaning as quite often what you see in dream is about a major incident that happened on the day.
Seeing fights in Dream is considered positive.
As per interpretation, such dreams suggest that the person will attain happiness in near future. It is an indication that the person is fighting against inner demons that are keeping him unhappy.

Words Uttered by Sri Ramakrishna about Samadhi Experiences

Look when I am in Samadhi I want to tell you my experiences, but at that time I lose my power of speech.
Shukadeva is like an ant that is satisfied with a small particle of sugar. Rama, Krishna, and other incarnation are like bunch of grapes hanging on the tree of Satchidananda.
One day I was meditating in the Kali temple, I saw a vision the veils of ‘maya’ disappearing one after another.
In another vision the Divine Mother showed me the light of Brahman, which surpassed even the light of even millions of suns together. I then saw that a luminous form emerged from that infinite light and again merged back into its source. I experienced that the formless Brahman took a form and again became formless.
Wherever there is extreme longing, God reveals Himself more.
Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa