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Showing posts from March 6, 2014

Varadaraja – About Varadaraja Manifestation of Hindu God Vishnu

Varadaraja is one among the different manifestation of Hindu God Vishnu and this form is widely worshipped in South India , especially in Tamil Nadu. Legend has it that Brahma conducted a yajna at Kanchipuram in Tamil Nadu and at the end of the yajna Vishnu appeared and gave a boon. As He gave boon and blessings here, Vishnu came to be known as Varadaraja – one who grants boons. Varadaraja is also known as Perarulalan, Devadhirajan, Deva Perumal and Varadarajan. The most popular temple dedicated to this manifestation of the Vishnu is the Varadaraja Temple at Kanchipuram in Tamil Nadu. Here the murti of Bhagvan Srihari Vishnu is in standing posture and faces west. Consort of Varadaraja is Perundevi Thayar (Goddess Lakshmi). Brahma, Aadi Sesha, Sage Brigu, Sage Narada and Gajendra are usually worshipped in temples dedicated to Varadaraja Perumal.

Live Darshan from Harsiddhi Mata Temple in Ujjain

Harsiddhi Mata Temple in Ujjain is a popular shrine dedicated to Harsiddhi Mataji. The temple is now offering live darshan. The live streaming is available from 6:00 AM to 11:00 PM daily. Harsidhhi Mata is a manifestation of Mother Goddess Shakti. She is more closely associated with Goddess Amba. Legend has it that Sri Krishna offered prayers to Harsidhhi Mata and asked for help in defeating Jarasandha. This is a benign and kind form of Goddess Shakti. You can watch the live darshan here – Ujjain Harsiddhi Mata Live Darshan