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Lehsunia Shivling – Benefits - Shivling Made From Cat's Eye Gemstone

Lehsunia Shivling is made using gemstone cat’s eye. This type of Shivling is mainly worshipped in home and in sacred places. It is also worn by devotees as ornaments. It is widely believed that by worshipping Shivling made using Lehsunia one will be able to attain victory over enemies. It is worn as an ornament either as a locket in a chain around the neck or as a ring on finger. People who have constant fear of attack from enemies usually wear the Lehsunia Shivling as an ornament. In some regions it is also worn as a deterrent against fear of darkness and ghosts. 

Chausathi Mela at Varanasi

Chausathi Mela at Varanasi is observed on the first day of the Chaitra month as per traditional Hindu calendar followed in North India . It is dedicated to the 64 Yoginis – Chausath meaning 64. In 2023, Chausathi Mela date is March 8. Legend has it that the sixty four yoginis were asked by Shiva to go to Varanasi (Kashi) and oust King Divdos. As per belief the 64 Yoginis arrived at Kashi on the first day of the Chaitra month. The murtis of 64 Yoginis are located on the Chausathi Ghat. The murtis and temple are given a fresh coat of paint. The temple is decorated with flowers and flags and the Yoginis are covered with new clothes. Shringar aarti is performed on the day. People offer flowers, sweets and abhir. As the Mela coincides with Holi festival, people throw gulal on each other on the day.