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Attukal Pongala Live in 2018 – Watch Online Live Webcasting from Attukal Temple Trivandrum in 2018

Attukal Pongala Festival 2018 will be aired live online from 9:00 AM on March 2, 2018. You can watch it online for free. Guinness World Records have certified it as the largest annual gathering of women in the world in which more than 2 million women participate.

Time of live webcasting by the temple website:
Attukal Pongala - March 2, 2018 – Morning 10.00 AM to 12.00 PM Noon and 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM.
You need to have the Unreal Media Player 5 plugin installed in your browser to view the Pongala live.
Link – View Attukal Pongala Live here.
You can also watch the live telecast here.

Live online on Janam TV
Live online at Asianet News Channel.

Gold Shivling – Merits of Worshipping Golden Shivling

Shivling made of gold is worshipped in homes and in temples and sacred places. The merits of worshiping Golden Shivling are mentioned in the Shiva Purana. The popular belief is that by offering prayers to golden Shivling one will be blessed with wealth. It is also worshipped for attaining good harvest.
It is also believed that the worship of Shivling made from gold will help in prosperity through attaining hidden treasure. Another merit is that the house will be blessed with constant supply of food grains.
The Shivling for the purpose should be made using pure gold – 24 carat. Imitations and those made using mixing of several metals are considered inferior.
Hindu Blog view
The material used to make Shivling does not matter. What matters is devotion and the urge to realize truth. Single minded focus on your work will lead you to success. Worship of Shivling helps in attaining single minded focus.

Teachings from Book – God Lived with Them

Vedanta says that a knower of Brahman becomes fearless. Fear originates from duality. Because an illumined soul experiences the non-dual Brahman, he can never fear anyone.
After attaining Supreme Knowledge one cannot commit any evil deed. How can one who has realized God or attained knowledge through discrimination, renunciation, love, devotion, and purity, do mischief? Therefore, after attaining non-dual knowledge whatever a person does, it must be good.
Worldly means are of no avail to one who wants to attain the knowledge of God.
Bliss is inherent in human beings; therefore they cannot bear pain, for it is foreign to their true nature. However, grief plays a very important role in life. It makes people understand the impermanency of the world.
God Lived with Them: Life Stories of Sixteen Monastic Disciples of Ramakrishna - By Swami Chetanananda