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Teachings from Book – God Lived with Them

Vedanta says that a knower of Brahman becomes fearless. Fear originates from duality. Because an illumined soul experiences the non-dual Brahman, he can never fear anyone. After attaining Supreme Knowledge one cannot commit any evil deed. How can one who has realized God or attained knowledge through discrimination, renunciation, love, devotion, and purity, do mischief? Therefore, after attaining non-dual knowledge whatever a person does, it must be good. Worldly means are of no avail to one who wants to attain the knowledge of God. Bliss is inherent in human beings; therefore they cannot bear pain, for it is foreign to their true nature. However, grief plays a very important role in life. It makes people understand the impermanency of the world. God Lived with Them: Life Stories of Sixteen Monastic Disciples of Ramakrishna - By Swami Chetanananda