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Nepal Sambat – Hindu New Year in Nepal – Nepal Samvat

Nepal Sambat or the Hindu New Year in Nepal is observed on the first day of the Kartik Shukla Paksha Pratipada Tithi. It is also known as the Newar New Year or Mewar New Year. In 2013, Nepal Sambat began on November 4, 2013. As per this calendar system, the current year is 1134.
The Nepal Sambat or calendar year was begun by Shankhadhar Sakhwa by relieving the people of Nepal off debt during the rule of Lichchhavi King Raghavdev.
Nepal Sambat Began in 879 AD.
Another Calendar that is observed in Nepal is the Bikram Sambat which began on 57 BC. A year as per this calendar begins on the Chaitra Shukla Paksha Pratipada Tithi (March – April).

Mha Puja in Nepal – Observed During Tihar Festival

Mha Puja is observed on the fourth day of Tihar Festival in Nepal. The five day festival is observed during the famous Diwali festival period. Mha Puja 2013 date is November 4. Mha Puja is the worship of self or understanding the need for self realization.
Mha Puja is mainly observed by the Newar community. A Puja is performed in the evening on the day. 

Mha Puja is based on the Hindu belief that the soul or the supreme self is present in all animate and inanimate. It is based on the basic Hindu teaching of Tatvamasi – thou art that. The belief that there is no second. When this self realization dawns, we achieve bliss on earth.