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Panchalinga Darshana Temples in Talakad in Karnataka – Five Shiva Temples That are Visited Part of Talakad Panchalinga Darshana

Panchalinga Darshana is visit to the five major Shiva temples in Talakad in Karnataka and is held in once in 12 years or when Kartik Amavasya falls on Monday. The five Shiva temples have to be visited on a single day. The five temples are:
  1. Vaidyeshwara Temple
  2. Maruleshwara Temple (Sri Kanteshwara)
  3. Pathaleshwara Temple
  4. Arakeshwara Temple and
  5. Mallikarjuneshwara Temple
Devotees first visit the Vaidyeshwara temple. Then they walk through the sand dunes to visit the Pathaleshwara and Maruleshwara Temple. The Arakeshwara and Mallikarjuneshwara temples are located on the outskirts of Talakad and visited in a vehicle.

Lord Shiva dwells in holy Talakadu in the form of five Lingas. The holy pond here is known as Gokarna. Every year when the Sun enters Tula Rashi, Ganga from Kashi comes and joins the stream here.

Devotees take dip in Gokarna Tirtha and worship Vaidyeshwara, take a dip in Purva Vahin Kaveri (east flowing Cauvery river) and worship Vasukishwara, take a dip in Uttaravahini (north flowing Cauvery river) and worship Arkeshwara, take a dip in Paschimavahini (west flowing Cauvery river) and worship Mallikarjueshwara and finally take a dip in Dakshinavahni (south flowing Cauvery river) and worship Sri Kanteshwara. Those for whom it is physically not possible to take round of all these places, can worship all the five Lingas in the Vaidyeshwara temple.

Benefits of Pancha Linga Darshan and Holy Dip

  1. Holy dip in Gokarna tirtha and worship Vaidyeshwara of will get rid of all diseases. All the desires will be fulfilled and a person will attain moksha.
  2. Prayers of Mallikarjuna of Somashaila are virtuous and sacred. Taking bath in the Paschimavahini Kaveri will help in washing away of all sins. 
  3. After the bath here, if one worships Mallikarjuneshwara with bilva leaves all the desires will be fulfilled.If one bathes in Uttaravahini Kaveri here and worships Arkeshwara, he would enjoy all happiness, and will go to the Suryaloka after death. 
  4. Pataleshwara has another name as Vasukishwara as he was worshipped by Vasuki (the king of snakes). If one bathes in Purvavahini Kaveri and worship Pataleshwara he would attain Nagaloka.
  5. If one bathes in Dakshina Vahini Kaveri and worship, Sri Kanteshwara will have sin redemption and blessings of Brahma.

How to perform Pancha Ling Darshan?

  1. Bath in Gokarna holy pond have darshan of Choudeshwari and darshan of Vaidyeshwara, then travel to Vijayapura.
  2. Bath in Uttaravahini at Vijayapura, have darshan of Arkeshwara and
  3. Then take bath in Paschima Vahini and have darshan of Mallikarjuneshwara
  4. Bath in Purvavahini have darshan of Pataleshwara.
  5. Bath in Dakshinanvahini and have darshan of Sri Kanteshwara.