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Chintapurni Devi – About Goddess Chintpurni Maa

Chintapurni Devi is a manifestation of Goddess Chinnamastika Devi. Some scholars are also of the belief that Chintpurni Maa is another name of Goddess Chinnamastika. The most popular temple dedicated to Chintapurni Devi is located at Chhaproh around 5 km from Bharwai in Una District in Himachal Pradesh.

The popular belief is that the murti of Goddess Chinnamastika in the form of Chintapurni Devi was found by an ardent Shakti Devotee named Mai Dasa.

Legend has it that once on his way to the next village, Mai Dasa happened to take rest under a pipal tree. He soon fell into deep sleep and had a dream. In the dream Chintapurni Devi told him that her pindi was located nearby and he should build a temple in honor of her.

Soon Mai Dasa woke up and searched for the pindi and found it nearby. He also discovered a pond nearby.

A temple dedicated to Chintapurni Devi was built here.