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Hindu Scriptures on How to Control Desires

Quotes and teachings on how to control desires from the Hindu scriptures.

To obstruct thoughts that are inimical to yoga, contrary thoughts should be brought in. (Yoga Sutra)

O Desire, I know your roots, you rise from imagination; I will not imagine and hence shall destroy you with your root. (Mahabharata)

Salutations to the gods. Desire performed the act. Desire did the act. Desire is
doing the act, not I. Desire is the agent, not I. Desire causes the doer to act, not I. O Desire, fascinating in form, let this oblation be offered to thee. Svaha! (Mahanarayana Upanishad)

Desire can be overcome by meditation on the heart that has given up all attachment to sense-objects. (Yoga Sutra)

When all desires clinging to one’s heart fall of, then a mortal becomes immortal (and) attains Brahman here. (Katha Upanishad)