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Uppinangady Temple – Sahasralingeshwara Temple at Uppinangady in Karnataka

SahasralingeshwaraTemple at Uppinangady in Karnataka is dedicated to Shiva. The place is famous for thousands of lingas in the nearby river. The temple is believed to very old; the original Shivling of the UppinangadyTemple is covered by sand and is on the banks of NetravathiRiver – to the left of the temple. Worship is offered by removing the sand during annual temple festival.
SahasralingeshwaraTemple also has a separate shrine dedicated to Goddess Mahakali. The form of Mahakali worshipped is the ferocious one – that of her annihilating the demon Rakhta Beeja.
Legend has it that Shivlings found in and around SahasralingeshwaraTemple were created by Bhima, the second of the Pandava brothers.

There is also a separate shrine dedicated to Kal Bhairav form of Shiva.
Uppinangady Temple Location

SahasralingeshwaraTemple is located at Uppinangady, on NH 17 about 60 Kms from Mangalore. Nearest most important town is Puttur in Dakshina Kannada District which is around 12 km away.

Uttarakhand Tragedy Could Have Been Averted – Met Department Warning Ignored

Times of India reports that government officials ignored several warnings of very heavy rains and suspension of Chardham Yatra issued by Uttarakhand Meteorological Department on June 14, June 15 and June 16, 2013. Thousands of lives could have been saved had these warning been taken seriously. Sadly no one knows how many lives were lost – the government daily comes up with new numbers 1000, 2000,... currently the latest number is 10,000.

We need to create new words to describe the official apathy in India. Existing words cannot capture the real negligence of the government officials whose daily food is soaked in the blood of innocent children, mothers, grand parents, brothers, sisters, husbands and wives who lost their life in Uttarakhand. These government officials feed their family food that has smell of death and cries of victims of official apathy.

Times of India reports  The warnings had been sent to a slew of top officials, including the state's chief secretary, the district…

Sincerity of devotion is that matters not form of God – Swami Chinmayananda

It is vain to waste one’s time considering which God to worship. Worship Him in any form. It is the sincerity of devotion that matters.

You have two eyes but one vision. The eyes are two but the light that emanates from them both is one – vision.
A man firmly established in wisdom in tranquil and his equipoise is never broken even when he is investing his entire energy in the world outside for the service of mankind.
The Great Masters of old who apparently had reached a state of utter joy of satisfaction, perfect health and supreme harmony, unanimously declare that these depend primarily upon man’s inner thought habits and not upon his outer luxury.
Swami Chinmayananda