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Travel to Kukke Subramanya Swami Temple – Bangalore – Mangalore

The easiest way to travel to Kukke Subramanya Swami Temple is from Mangalore. For those people traveling from Bangalore take the National Highway 48 and take the state highway 114 from Gundya. The temple is around 280 km east of Bangalore . For those coming from Mangalore, the temple is around 110 km west of Mangalore. They can take the National Highway 48. Take the state highway 88 at Mani to Puttur and then follow the state highway 100 to the temple. Kukke   Subramanya   Temple  is a popular  Hindu   Temple  located at Subrahmanya, Sullia Taluk, Dakshina Kannada District in Karnataka. Hindu God Subrahmanya is worshipped here but the temple is famous as Naga or  Snake   Temple  as divine serpent Vasuki and other snakes found safety here. The temple is famous for alleviating Sarpa Samsakara or Sarpa Dosha. View Larger Map

Curse of Goddess Dhari Devi and Uttarakhand Floods – Coincidence or Warning

There is a talk among local people that the flood in Uttarakhand in June 2013 is due to the anger of Goddess Dhari Devi. She is the guardian deity of the region. On June 16, 2013, the murti of Goddess Dhari Devi was evicted to construct a hydel power project. Government plans to shift the temple. Hours before the cloud burst and flash flood, the government had removed the visible part of the murti from the temple. Is it a mere coincidence or warning? Is it a warning by Mother Earth to stop looting her.  Goddess Dhari Devi is a guardian deity and is believed to be the manifestation of Goddess Kali. She is the protector of the Hills and the living beings that reside there. She is also the guardian of the Char Dham Temples. People are of the view that the region faced the floods and rain due to the ire of Goddess Dhari Devi. The temple was located around 19 km from Srinagar in Pauri Garhwal. Zee News reports  As per believers, Uttarakhand had to face the Goddess’ ire