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Goddess Medala Devi – About Hindu Goddess Medaladevi

Medala Devi is a manifestation of Goddess Parvati, in this form she is worshipped mainly in parts of Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh in India . One of the popular names of Medaladevi is Bramarambika . In this form she is worshipped at the  Srisailam   Temple . Medala Devi is essentially a village deity and she helps people at times of diseases and other calamities. She is also propitiated for good harvest – keep natural elements in control. A popular legend associated with Medala Devi suggests that she took the form of bees to annihilate demon Arunasura.

Prayers for Uttarakhand and Homage to People who Died

Humble prayers. Let all people who lost their lives in the rain and flash flood in Uttarakhand attain Moksha. Humble prayers. Let all animals that lost their lives attain moksha. Let all plants that were destroyed forgive us. Humble prayers. To the relatives of those who lost near and dear ones in the flood give courage to face life and successfully move ahead in life. I can’t even ask forgiveness to you Mother Earth , I knew such a huge disaster was going to happen. I daily study and read about them. I was aware but I did nothing. There are more such disasters waiting but I sit helplessly. Tolerating Adharma is Adharma – I am equally responsible for the death of thousands of human beings and animals and also the destruction of nature. I failed the teachings of Sanatana Dharma. I failed the teachings of Sri Krishna. I bow my head in shame. O Krishna forgive me – I will not idly sit at home and tolerate the Adharma. I will do my bit. I will follow Dharma