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Story of Nishakara Rishi and Sampati in Ramayana

Story of Nishakara Rishi and Sampati, is mentioned in the Kishkindha Kanda of Valmiki Ramayana. Nishakara Rishi lived in an ashram in the VindhyaMountains. The Rishi gave refuge to Sampati, a huge bird, who had lost his wings while trying to protect his younger brother Jatayu.

Once Sampati and his younger brother Jatayu had a contest – who could fly high. Jatayu flew so high that the heat of the sun started to burn him. To protect Jatayu, Sampati flew above his younger brother and in the process got his wings burned.
Sampati fell atop the VindhyaMountains and was found by Nishakara Rishi.
Nishakara Rishi, who could see future, told Sampati about the incarnation of Sri Ram in the future. He then told the huge bird that Vanara Sena (Monkey Army) will reach the place and when he guides them about the whereabouts of Mata Sita, he will get back his wings.
Nishakara Rishi then took Samadhi.
Sampati then waited for the arrival of the Vanara Sena. Thousands of years later the army arrived a…

Kalyanji Temple Diggi Rajasthan

KalyanjiTemple is dedicated to Hindu God Vishnu and is located at Diggi in Rajasthan. The temple is more than 5600 years old.
Story of KalyanjiTemple
Legend has it that King Digva had leprosy as he was cursed by a celestial maiden. He became a leper as he had offended the maiden. To get rid of leprosy, the king offered penance and did intense austerities.
As a result of his penance, Vishnu appeared him in his dream and told about a buried murti on seashore. The king was asked to install the murti in a temple. When the murti is installed the king will be cured of his illness.
The king followed the dream and installed the murti in a temple. That temple is the KalyanjiTemple at Diggi in Rajasthan.
The murti worshipped in KalyanjiTemple
The murti is carved out of white marble. It has four hands. The widespread belief is that the murti blesses devotees with prosperity and peace.
People having leprosy are cured after offering worship here. Apart from this those people having problems with v…

Ramayana - as told by Hanuman – Audio Comic Book for Ipad from Amar Chitra Katha

Audio Comic Book for Ipad from Amar Chitra Katha available on iTunes is titled Ramayana - as told by Hanuman. This format combines pictures and audio to narrate the story from the point of view of Hanuman. This app is ideal for children aged between four and 10. Pictures that respond to touch are a surprise element in the app.
Mid Day reports
The comic tells the story of Ram and Lakshman, as they leave in search for Sita. It could be read in two ways - read it yourself or get it read out to you. The graphics of the 36-page storybook id created by Cannes-Award winning director Gitanjali Rao; the voice of Hanuman is given by young actor Partho Gupte.
The app is available only for iPad.

Tat Tvam Asi – You Are That – Teaching from Chandogya Upanishad

Tat Tvam Asi teaching is found in the Chandogya Upanishad and is the cornor stone of Hinduism. This universal teaching is revealed to Svetaketu by his father Uddalaka
Just as the bees prepare honey by collecting the juices of all manner of trees and bring the juice to one unity, and just as the juices no longer distinctly know that the one hails from this tree, the other from that one, likewise, when all these creatures have merged with the Existent they do not know, realizing only that they have merged with the Existent.
Whatever they are here on earth, tiger, lion, wolf, boar, worm, fly, gnat, or mosquito, they become that.
It is this very fineness which ensouls this entire world, it is the true one, it is the soul. You are that – Tat Tvam Asi
Bring me a banyan fruit. Here it is. Split it. It is split. What do you see inside it? A number of rather fine seeds. Split one of them. It is split. What do you see inside it? Nothing.
This very fineness that you no longer can make out, it is…