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Story of King Yuvanshva – The Man Who Became Pregnant

Yuvanshva was a king in the Ikshvaku dynasty – the lineage in which Bhagvan Sri Ram appeared. By accident he had become pregnant and delivered a boy who became an illustrious king. The whole incident happened during the Krita Yuga.

King Yuvanshva had no children. Like all kings, he was worried about his subjects and his dynasty. He tried numerous methods to solve the problem. But he was not successful. Disappointed and disgusted, the king left for the forest with his wives.
The sages who resided in the forest came to know about the arrival of the king and met him. They decided to help the king by performing a yajna.
The sages successfully performed the yajna and collected the holy water and placed it in a pot. The sages wanted to give the water to wives of the king next day morning.
During the night, the king felt extremely thirsty and in half sleep drank the holy water without realizing its holiness.
Next day morning the Rishis discovered that the pot to be empty. Soon they discover…

Sri Ramakrishna on The Importance of Bhakti

It doesn't matter what kind of action you are engaged in. You can be united with God through any action provided that, performing it, you give up all desire for its result.
You don't want anything of God but still you love Him. That is pure bhakti, love of God with no motive behind it. Prahlada had it. He sought neither kingdom nor riches; he sought Hari alone
A man may be united with God either through action or through inwardness of thought, but he can know everything through bhakti. Through bhakti one spontaneously experiences kumbhaka. The nerve currents and breathing calm down when the mind is concentrated. Again, the mind is concentrated when the nerve currents and breathing calm down. Then the buddhi, the discriminating power, becomes steady. The man who achieves this state is not himself aware of it.
One can attain everything through bhakti yoga. I wept before the Mother and prayed, 'O Mother, please tell me, please reveal to me, what the yogis have realized throu…