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Story of Chintamani Ganesh

Chintamani Ganesh is worshipped at the famous ChintamaniTemple at Theur in Maharashtra and is also one among the Ashtavinayaka Temples. Chintamani is a wish fulfilling Gem which was in the possession of Sage Kapila. The holy saint used it only for Dharmic purposes. Ganapati got the name after he protected the Gem.

Once, Gana, the prince of the kingdom, came to the ashram of Sage Kapila with his army. Sage welcomed the prince and the army and served tasty food to the entire army.
Gana wanted to know the secret of Sage Kapila that made him produce such tasty food instantaneously.  He then came to know about the Chintamani Gem. He then wanted to possess it. But Kapila declined as he knew that the prince would use it for evil purposes.
Gana forcibly took the gem away from the ashram.
Sage Kapila then prayed to Ganesha for his help. Being pleased with Kapila's devotion, Ganesha first attempted to warn the prince through a dream. But Gana was adamant. He decided to kill Sage Kapila for…

Vaitheeswaran Koil Photos – Online Virtual Tour of Vaitheeswaran Temple in Tamil Nadu

Vaitheeswaran Koil in Tamil Nadu is dedicated to Shiva and is one of the important Navgraha Temples in India. Dinamalar newspaper is providing a virtual tour of the temple through high quality photos. There are six pictures of the temple. Shiva in the form of Vaitheeswaran helps in curing diseases. Siddhamirtham Teerth or Holy Tank is famous curing diseases. Devotees believe that the waters in the tank can cure various ailments and skin diseases.

LinkVirtual Tour of Vaitheeswaran Koil

Swami Ranganathananda on Truly Educated People

Swami Ranganathananda’s observances are based on a parable by Sri Ramakrishna
A father brought from the market two fruits for his two children at home; he gave one fruit to each child. The elder child took the fruit, found it fine, straightaway went to his room, closed the door, ate the fruit, wiped his mouth, and came to the courtyard. The second child took the fruit, found it fine, straightaway went to his comrades in the courtyard and shared the fruit with all of them.
Between the two children, who is the truly educated one? The first one is very intelligent, but that intelligence has become mere cleverness due to being self-centred; there you see just an individual, not yet developed into a person; but the second has achieved that growth into a person. He or she has spiritually expanded so as to think of others, care for others, and has developed the spirit of service. Here you can see the moral, ethical and humanistic development of the child. Our children must be 'helped to …