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Vajrasuchi Upanishad – Who is Brahmana?

Whoever he may be, he who has directly realized this Atma and who is directly cognizant of his Atma that is without a second; That is devoid of class and actions, that is free from the faults of six stains and six changes, that is of the nature of truth, knowledge, bliss and eternity, that is without any change in itself, that is the substratum of all the kalpas, that exists penetrating all things that pervades everything within and without as akas, that is of nature of undivided bliss, that cannot be reasoned about and that is known only by direct cognition. He who knows this truth is a Brahmana.

He who by the reason of having obtained his wishes is devoid of the faults of thirst after worldly objects and passions who is the possessor of the qualifications beginning with sama, who is free from emotion, malice, thirst after worldly objects, desire, delusion, etc., whose mind is untouched by pride, egoism, etc., who possesses all these qualities and means – he only is the Brahmana.