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Remains of one of the Biggest Ancient Hindu Temples in Bali Island in Indonesia Discovered

Construction workers who were digging for drainage discovered remains of the one of the biggest ancient temples in Denspasar in Bali Island in Indonesia. The ancient temple believed to have been built in 14th century is located near a Hindu learning center on Jalan Trengguli in East Denpasar. The excavation is in progress to there are currently no good photos of the temple.
Jakarta Globe writes
The Denpasar Archeology Agency took over the excavation and have uncovered an 11-meter-long structure.
“We will continue the excavation until [the whole structure is revealed],” said Wayan Suantika, an official with the agency.
Suantika told reporters that, judging by the square structure’s similarity to ancient temples found in East Java, it likely dates back to the 14th Century.
“The strengthener layers in between the stone plates were another characteristic usually found in 13th or 14th Century [structures],” he said.
Bali Island is home to most of the Hindus in Indonesia.