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Durga Puja Guide Book for Blind and Visually Impaired

National Institute of Professionals (NIP) in Kolkata – an NGO working for the blind and visually impaired – has released a Durga Puja Guide Book in Braille. The book contains information about Durga Puja in Kolkata, Puja Pandals and also a map of important puja areas in the city.  News Track Indiareports  "With the Braille Durga Puja Guide, which provides a detailed map of all the leading puja pandals of Kolkata, we hope the visually impaired can indulge in pandal-hopping like the rest of the city does," said Debajyoti Roy, secretary of NIP.  The guide book was compiled in collaboration with the Forum For Durgotsab, West Bengal government, Rotary International and Public Relations Society Of India (PRSI).  In addition to the guide book, special arrangements for the differently-abled and senior citizens would also be made.  "There are 180 Durga Puja committees under our forum and every year we take the initiative to do as much as possible to make the differently-abled an…

Ramagita Teachings

I am the body, I am sense organs, the life breaths, I am a Brahmana, a Kshatriya, I am born, I am happy, miserable, I have lost this, gained this, all these and other functions of ordinary everyday life are due to the identification of the atma (self) with the action of the buddhi. In reality all these notions are in the buddhi, not in the self. But through ignorance they are taken to be in the Self. So long as this continues, the course of worldly life runs on.

Embodied self which is taken to be subject of birth, death, and the like is not subject to any of these conditions. Free from all these, it is the limitless unborn, undecaying, all pervading Brahman itself.
For one who has through not this, not this, arrived at the stage of realization of his self as the supreme self, the phenomenal world ceases to assert itself and he becomes perfectly indifferent to its joys and sorrows. By not this, not this, is meant here that the atma is beyond all that is within the range of speech and …