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Story of Angiras Rishi

Angiras Rishi is one of the mind born sons (manasa putra) of Brahma. The most important story associated with Angiras Rishi is that of him obtaining the status of Agni through austerities.

Legend has it that through tapas, Sage Angiras became more brilliant than Agni. The whole universe was submerged in the brilliance of Angiras. People started worshipping Angiras instead of Agni.
Agni could not tolerate this disrespect and disappeared from the world. Although Angiras had brilliance he could not control the fire. Only Agni had the capacity to keep fire under control.
Human beings faced numerous problems with the disappearance of Agni. Angrias soon realized the folly of trying to become Agni.
Angiras then went to the place where Agni was hiding and asked him for forgiveness. Agni forgave Angiras and also made him his first son.
Thus Angiras became the son of Agni.

The Story of Skanda as Son of Agni
Vadavagni – The Story of the Agni or Fire under the Ocean 

Pandarpur Temple Live Darshan – Online Live Telecast of Puja From Vitthal Rukmini Temple in Pandarpur

PandarpurVitthalRukminiTemple is the most popular temple dedicated to the Vithal manifestation of Sri Krishna. The official website of Pandarpur temple is offering live darshan of Govindevji during important puja time. The live telecast darshan of Lord Vittal and Rukmini are via two different links.

You will need windows media player installed in your computer to view the live darshan. 
LinkDarshan of Shri Vitthal LinkDarshan of Mata Rukmini
Note – If the above links are not working go the official website and choose the Vithal Darshan and Rukmini Darshan links on the left side under online suvidha. The website is in Marathi. Link to official website of Pandarpur Temple.

Annamalai Swami – Words of Wisdom

You have to keep up the enquiry, 'To whom is this happening?' all the time. If you are having trouble remind yourself, 'This is just happening on the surface of my mind. I am not this mind or the wandering thoughts.' Then go back into enquiry 'Who am I?'. By doing this you will penetrate deeper and deeper and become detached from the mind. This will only come about after you have made an intense effort.

If you can give up duality, Brahman alone remains, and you know yourself to be that Brahman, but to make this discovery continuous meditation is required. Don't allocate periods of time for this. Don't regard it as something you do when you sit with your eyes closed. This meditation has to be continuous. Do it while eating, walking and even talking. It has to be continued all the time.