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Chinmaya Vanaprastha Sansthan – Making Life of Old People Purposeful and Happy

Chinmaya Vanaprastha Sansthan (CVS) is a unique attempt by Chinmaya Mission to provide remarkable strength in retirement, comfort and security to old people. 
Chinmaya Vanaprastha Sansthan Mission 
The Central Chinmaya Vanaprastha Sansthan (CCVS) is administered by Central Chinmaya Mission Trust, the apex body of Chinmaya Mission Worldwide, with the purpose of assisting and training householders and near-retirees (vanaprasthis) to make a smoother and easier transition from life in grahastha ashram to life in vanaprastha ashram. 
In accordance with the four stages taught in the Vedas, when a householder enters his later years or nears retirement, it is most beneficial for him to withdraw from the stresses and pressures of a materialistic lifestyle to spend more time seeking and finding inner peace. To live with a more holistic vision of harmony and serenity is to slowly withdraw from the world and dive deeper into one's inner spiritual bliss. 
CCVS strives to improve the quality and style of life for senior citizens so that their energies are best utilized in self-unfoldment and selfless service. For this purpose, CCVS developed and offers the following courses: 
1. Art of Graceful Ageing (Preparatory and Basic Courses)
2. Keeping Fit: The Yoga Technique (Preparatory and Basic Courses) 
CCVS's training courses, which offer talks, demonstrations, and workshops on topics such as scriptural texts, yoga and finance, are conducted on two levels: basic and advanced. To date, about 120 courses have benefitted approximately 5,500 participants