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Story of Ila

Ila was the daughter of Vaivasata Manu but had to live the life of both male and female. Vaivasata Manu and his wife Shraddha did not have children after several years of marriage. Manu asked Sage Vasishta to conducted a yajna to get a son. As a result of yajna a daughter was born to Vaivasata Manu and his wife Shraddha. The newborn was called Ila. Vaivasata Manu wanted a son who will take over his kingdom. So he complained to Sage Vasishta who immediately changed the girl into a boy and he was called Sudyumna.
A young Sudyumna once entered the cursed forest of Kumaravana near Kailash. This forest was cursed by Shiva and Parvati. Once, Sage Sunaka and others had entered the forest when Shiva and Parvati were making love. The divine couple did not tolerate this intervention and cursed that in future men who will enter the forest will become women.
As a result of the curse young Sudyumna became a woman. She again took the name of Ila. Budha, or mercury, one of the Navgrahas fell in lov…

Pride is assuming that the ego is the seer – Sage Patanjali

Discipline, study of the spiritual scriptures and surrender to God are the fountain for yogic Sadhana termed as Kriya Yoga.
Lack of understanding, pride, attachment to attractions, aversion to pains and fear of death are the five afflictions.
The mother of all affliction is want to understanding. It may remain dormant or attenuated, interrupted or full active.
Accepting mundane things as permanent, impure things as pure and sensual pleasures as spiritual is lack of knowledge.
Pride is assuming that the ego is the seer.
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