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Aryaman – Vedic God in Hindu Tradition

Aryaman is a Vedic God mentioned in the Vedas. He is rarely worshipped today in Hinduism. Today, He is only invoked during rare vedic yajna performed in Hindu religion and also during Shradh. He is one among the Adityas and is associated with chivalry, honor, nobility and rules of society. The name Aryaman means a ‘devoted friend’ or ‘Gentleman.’  There are several verses dedicated to Aryaman in the Rig Veda. He is the son of Aditi.

Aryaman maintains the code of conduct in the society. He protects the honor of men and women in the society. He has the last word in marriages and in the maintenance of tradition, custom and religion in the Vedic society.

All rituals, relationships created and maintained in society are governed by Aryaman.

As all social relationships were governed by Aryaman, he was considered as the great ancestor. He was the king of ancestors. Offerings are made to him as part Shradh rituals. A part of offerings made to ancestors reach Aryaman.