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Bhagavan Sri Ram Teachings in Ramayana - Lord Rama Teachings

A collection of teaching of Sri Ram From Ramayana

As long as you identify your self with this body, you will feel miserable. Atman is not the body, sense, or ego. It is due to ignorance that you are affected by these worldly sorrows.

When you dream of something it seems real as long as the dream lasts. Similarly, to a man who always thinks of the senses and the pleasures derived there from, this world seems real.

If good deeds are done with a sense of ego, they only bind you to this world. So to gain knowledge you should work without the least trace of pride.

Pure knowledge is that which kills all desires and attachments. Any work with a particular motive behind it should be given up, it only binds you to the cycle of birth and death. It is harmful for your attaining real knowledge.

Prompted by anger man kills his own mother, father, brother, friends and relations. He will often have occasion to repent of actions done under the impulse of anger. It is anger that binds him to Samsara. Anger it is that destroys one’s virtues. So give up anger. Anger indeed is Yama, the great enemy.

The body is like a tortoise that lies inactive in the pit of longings without making an effort for release.