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Bhagavad Gita Ban in Russia – Nothing but Religious Intolerance

The attempt to get Bhagavad Gita banned in Russia is nothing but an example of religious intolerance and insecurity among certain elements in societies around the world who are unable to digest individual freedom, free thinking and diverse thoughts. Gita extols the individual to think and act in a manner that befits his/her Dharma. Gita does not ask anyone to follow a particular pattern of life neither does it support any group formation or religion. It’s a dialogue between Supreme Truth (represented by Sri Krishna) and man (represented by Arjuna). This dialogue has been taking place from time immemorial and will continue for ever. No ban can stop it.

The arguments put forwarded by Russian prosecutors to ban Gita are – it creates social discord; extremist in nature and hatred for other religious belief.
One can only laugh at the above arguments. Some reason challenging to human intelligence would have at least given some food for thought. These arguments sound childish - sorry childr…

Kuchanur Saneeswaran Temple Sani Peyarchi Festival on December 16, 2014

KuchanurSaneeswaranTemple at Kuchanur in Theni in Tamil Nadu is a famous ShaniTemple. The Sanipeyarchi Festival at this famous NavgrahaShaniTemple will be held on December 16, 2014. Puja and rituals will be held on December 15 and 16 for Shani Dosha Parihara. To get information devotees can contact in this telephone number – 04546-321108.

This transit is observed as Sanipeyarchi Festival at Shani Temples in Tamil Nadu. Shani transits from Tula Rasi (Libra) to Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio) on December 16, 2014 (Indian Standard Time). Times of India reports
Kuchanur, near Chinnamanur in Theni district is one of the famous temples in south Tamil Nadu, which has a shrine exclusively for Lord Saneeswarar.
The murti is seen in the form of a linga and the shrine is based on the banks of the river Surabhi.
Devotees can obtain information about the special poojas by contacting the following number- 04546-321108.

Swami Sivananda on Mind

The mind is compared to quicksilver because its rays are scattered over diverse objects.
It is compared to a monkey because it leaps from object to object.
It is compared to the inconstant air because it is unstable.
It is compared to an elephant in rut because of its passionate impetuosity.
All the above tendencies to oscillation is innate in the mental substance.
Therefore disciplining the mind is key to bliss. Swami Sivananda
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