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Bhishma Sayings in the Mahabharat

There is no doubt that all teerthas are capable of purifying man. But the best of all Teerthas which is capable of purifying man is – Truth. On should bathe in the Tirtha called the mind which cannot be fathomed, which has no stain and which is pure. This tirtha has Truth for its waters and the lake of the mind made up of understanding. Once a man bathes in this Manasasarovara, he becomes heir to sincerity, greatness, truthfulness, compassion, self-restraint and tranquility. Only Dharma, righteousness, follows the human body that has been abandoned by all (while living or after death). That is the only friend of man and that is the one thing that should be sought by man. Earthly bondages are so easily formed. It is easy for anyone to nurture the plant of attachment which is but another name for death.