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Showing posts from February 21, 2011

Documentary with Evidence on Krishna’s Dwarka Under Sea in Gujarat Coast in India

Dwarka, which is mentioned in many Hindu scriptures including the Mahabharata, was the kingdom of Sri Krishna . It is believed that the Dwarka, which is under sea now, existed somewhere around 3200 years to 9000 years ago. A documentary on underwater cities and alien visits to earth, suggests that Dwarka might have been destroyed by Aliens. What is important to us is that it is beyond doubt that Dwarka existed. Alien attacks can be just theories. Facts – A city was discovered underwater near present day Dwarka in Gujarat . It was a very ancient settlement and busy port. Sandstones walls and streets were discovered by underwater archeological studies. There are two versions of the destruction of Dwarka in Hindu Scriptures – the most popular is that when Krishna decided to leave the world, the city of Dwarka was submerged by sea – sea rising to eat Dwarka. Another version has that a King named Shalva attacked Dwarka from the skies using weapons like lightning and thunder. About Alien

Kamda Saptami Vrat – Kamada Saptami in Phalgun Month

Kamda Saptami is observed in the Phalgun month in North India. Kamda Saptami Vrat 2023 date is February 26. The day falls a day before Holashtak period in North India and is associated with the upcoming Holi festival. Kamada Saptami is observed on the seventh day of waxing phase of moon, or Shukla Paksha Saptami, in Phalgun month. The popular belief is that rituals performed on the day will help in achieving wish fulfillment. The prayers on the day are dedicated to Shiva, Ganesha and Surya.