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Information on Transgenic Human and Animal Sciences Hidden In the Vedas

An Indian Vedic scientist, Dr Chandraprakash Trivedi, claims to have successfully decoded Vedic inscriptions which provide information on transgenic human and animal sciences. Transgenic is transferring of genetic material by any of a number of genetic engineering techniques from one organism to another. DNA reports
The first revelations about transgenic animal sciences will be done by an Indian vedic scientist, Dr Chandraprakash Trivedi, at an international conference on human genetics that will be held in March in Cape Town.
Dr Chandraprakash Trivedi said, “The decoded vedic hymns and depictions have tons of data on transgenic animal sciences.
“The IndusValley civilisation’s pictographic symbols on the seals are cytological models for teaching and they explore the cellular genetic evolution on the earth with genetic recombination. Its literary evidences are in the vedic hymns.” The hymns, when decoded, relate to the complex processes like the synthesis of chromosome, DNA replication,…

Swami Sunirmalananda – Words of Wisdom

It is ignorance to think that with university degrees, we become more mature. Nowadays every locality has many postgraduates and several doctorates. And about exams, the less said the better. What is more, they say certificates are being sold for money. We have doctors and engineers, doctorates and postgraduates – almost in every family. Of course, there are definitely many hardworking and sincere students and they greatly contribute to others’ well being. However, the fact remains that many modern qualified individuals are not really as qualified as their degrees show. Therefore, the world remains what it is. Despite having so many qualified individuals, perhaps we hardly get an opportunity of dealing with mature people in our lives. The tragedy of the whole thing is, such immature people think they are mature because of their qualifications and pass indiscrete comments on really mature people – the flower of the earth. The misery of the world is largely due to our not respecting thos…