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Moon in Dreams – Meaning of Seeing Crescent or Full moon in Dream

As per Hindu tradition, seeing moon in dreams is believed to usher in positive change. Generally seeing a moon in dream means the stature of the person will increase in family, society and at the workplace. Seeing Crescent moon is interpreted as hope. Full moon, or purna Chandra, means improvement in health or new love and romance. Clouds gathering over moon is a sign of some trouble or unexpected failures and disappointments.   Clouds moving away and sighting the moon clearly is seen as change in fortune.

Aranmula Temple Pictures – Online Virtual Tour of Aranmula Parthasarathy Temple in Kerala

AranmulaParthasarathyTemple is one of the most popular temples in Kerala, India. The temple is dedicated to Sri Krishna. The temple is a fine example of Kerala style of Hindu temples. Leen Thobias of has created an online virtual tour of AranmulaTemple. In the online virtual tour, you can view the temple pictures in 360 degree. There are total ten images of the temple. You can view the pictures of AranmulaParthasarathyTemple here at p4panorama.

Sayings and Teachings of Swami Chidananda

There is no eye like that of knowledge. There is no penance like the practice of truth. There is no sorrow like attachment. There is no happiness like renunciation. There is no friend like Guru. The safe boat to cross the formidable Samsara is Satsanga (the company of those who have realized truth). Mercy is the highest virtue. Forgiveness is the highest power. The knowledge of Atman is the highest knowledge. The practice of virtue, the worship of God and helping others – these three form the very essence of a truly noble life. Never neglect them. Ever practice them. This is real earning. He who has this earning, he accumulates the greatest wealth even though his earthly income may be modest. Swami Chidananda