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Ratham Kolam for Ratha Saptami Festival

Ratham Kolam drawn on Ratha Saptami Festival is a single-wheeled chariot in red and white which represents Hindu God Surya’s chariot. Ratham or Ratha means chariot. Rath Saptami puja is conducted near the chariot Kolam. You can find a few other Ratha Saptami Kolam designs here.

Mahabharat Festival in Delhi - Jaya Utsav: Living Traditions of Mahabharata

Jaya Utsav: Living Traditions of Mahabharata is a festival organized by Indra Gandhi National Centre for the Arts (IGNCA) from 10th February, 2011 to March 10, 2011 in Delhi. The exhibition will have international symposium, literary evenings, cultural performances, ritual demonstrations, exhibition, master craftsmen workshop, film shows, book fair and Bhim ki Rasoi (Food Court). You can get all details about the program here in pdf format. Venue: Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts (IGNCA)
(An Autonomous body under Ministry of Culture. Govt. of India)
C.V. Mess, Janpath
New Delhi - 110 001 Phone - 23388056

Goroopini Shashti in Bengal – Gorupini Shasti 2018 date

Gorupini Sashti is observed on the Shukla Paksha Shashti (sixth day) falling during the waxing phase of moon in Bengali Phalgun month (February – March). Gorupini Sashti 2018 date is February 21. This Shasti is dedicated to Goddess Sashti, who is the protector of children. She is also believed to be the consort of Hindu God Kartik in these regions.

Twelve forms of Goddess Shasti are worshipped in a year on the sixth day of Shukla Paksha. The form that is worshipped in Phalgun month is that of Goroopini.

Goddess Gorupini Sashti is one of the peaceful forms of Mother Goddess and she looks after and protects infants and young children. She is prayed to for the welfare of infants – she is believed to protect children from diseases and other physical damages.

Swami Premananda Teachings

When the idea of bondage comes in the mind, then there is bondage; otherwise, who can bind you? You are always free. Reduce the external paraphernalia and serve men as God with all love and utmost sincerity. This will certainly bring you devotion and liberation. I can assure you that you will attain liberation and peace if you but free yourself from lust and greed. There is no doubt about it. Confusion will arise and bondage results if you keep your eye on name, fame, or some other worldly objective. Swami Premananda