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Hindu Marriage Act in Indian Law – Does it apply to Hindu Marriages Performed Outside India?

Can a family court in India settle a marriage dispute – decide on divorce petition – between two Hindus under the Hindu Marriage Act in Indian Law, even if the marriage had taken place outside India? The Supreme Court of India will be soon taking a decision on this tricky issue – as such divorce cases are on increase.The Hindu writes about this issueThe Supreme Court has been moved to decide an important question of law: whether a family court in India has jurisdiction to try a matrimonial litigation involving two Hindus governed by the Hindu Marriage Act even in cases where the opposite party is a foreign national having his domicile outside the country. Actor Sukanya, who married R. Sridharan, has applied for divorce in India. The marriage took place as per traditional Hindu customs at the Balaji temple in New Jersey, U.S. in April 2002. However, Ms. Sukanya returned to India in January 2003 and thereafter never went back to the U.S.On a writ petition filed by Mr. Sridharan challeng…

Nagara Amavasya or Nagar Amavasi

Nagara Amavasya, or Nagar Amavasi, is the no moon day in the month of Ashada as per traditional calendar and Panchang followed in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. Nagara Amavasya 2018 date is August 11. Please note that some people refer to Amavasi as the new moon day.

The Amavasya day is associated with the Nag Panchami that will be observed five days later. Special pujas are offered on the day at Naga Temples (Snake).

Preparation for Nag Panchami festival begins in many regions from the day.

Yajnavalkya Smriti Quotes

Success of actions rests equally on destiny and one’s efforts. Of these two, destiny is the expression of the efforts made in a previous life.A Dharma detested by the world must not be practiced.By resorting to what is condemned or prohibited and by not controlling the senses man incurs crime.Human beings are, by nature addicted to sinful deeds or crimes.Decisions should be made according to law, uninfluenced by agreed or anger.Of all works, like sacrifices, rituals, control of senses, harmlessness, charity or study of the Vedas, this one thing is the highest duty: that one should seek the Self through Yoga. Yajnavalkya Smriti