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Ganesh Baba Quotes

A collection of quotes of Ganesh Baba (Shri Mahant Swami Ganeshanand) (1895 – 1987)

Keep your back straight, breathe deeply, and all else will follow.

Wise men don't love wise men, wise men love fools.

Highly consummated human beings do not pray for results. They surrender the results to the will of Cosmic Consciousness.

We are like water when we are on earth, like steam or vapor when we pass over into death.

God is the supreme shopkeeper, his market is infinite.

In Tantra, if one is a meat eater, we give him so much meat he will ask for dal and chapati.

Polar switchback: when you reach the highest point of positivity you'll swing back immediately into negativity.

Don't count time if you want to evolve; if you count time you will revolve.

After death, the soul drifts through dimensions the materialist mind cannot comprehend.

Everything in this world is linked to an octave on a musical scale. On the other side of death, the octave is raised further up the scale.

Mind can only try to bridge the gap between the ideal conditions of the Overself and the actual ones here on Earth.

No matter what its form, all yoga is dedicated to reconnecting matter with spirit.

The yogi wants to take the highway to liberation; the tantrika prefers to enjoy the byways.

The universe is evolving, man is evolving with it, and man's personal God is also evolving. Only the Absolute has no need for evolution.

There is nothing contradictory between the experiences of the seers and the scientists except the direction of the flow.