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Valuable Lessons from the Srimad Bhagavad Purana

By going on looking at all beings as the Lord Himself, the impurities of the mind i.e. jealousy, competition, contempt etc. along with the ego will all vanish.
A person should do his work all the time remembering God mentally, with his entire heart and mind surrendered to Him and full of love for the disciplines imposed on the path of devotion.
The mind of a person thinking of worldly objects gets attached to them. Similarly the mind thinking of the Lord continuously will get dissolved in Him.
From all the directions happiness pours on a person who is self–controlled, who is free from the sense of all possessions and whose entire mind is happy with thoughts of God alone.
Just as the fish seeks its own death by being tempted by the hook baited with meat, a person who is unable to contain the temptations of his palate and to refrain from seeking tasty dishes seeks to commit a spiritual suicide.
The ocean does not either overflow or gets dried up irrespective of the flow of water from t…