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Pandarpur Temple Website in Marathi with Puja, Aarati Timings and Other Details

PandarpurTemple is the most popular temple dedicated to Hindu God Vithal. Popularly known as the PandarpurVithalRukminiTemple, the shrine is visited by thousands of people daily. Lord Vithal, also referred as Pandurang or Vithoba, is a manifestation of Sri Krishna. Now Pandarpur Temple Samiti has created a website in Marathi dedicated to the temple with Puja, Aarati Timings and other details including history of the temple and details about the deities worshiped in the temple.You can visit the website here at

Raksha Panchami 2018 date in Orissa

Raksha Panchami is dedicated to Batuk Bhairav, incarnation of Lord Shiva and also Ganesha. Raksha Panchami 2018 date is August 31. The festival is mainly dedicated to the protection of wildlife and plants and is observed on the fifth day during the Krishna paksha or waning phase of moon in Bhadrapad month. The ritual is mainly followed in some regions in Orissa.

The festival is observed on the fifth day after Raksha Bhandan ritual.
What do do on Raksha Panchami? On the Raksha Panchami day, paintings of Batuka Bhairav or Bhairab, Ganesh and Mahadeb (Shiva) are drawn on doors of houses. Some people draw the picture of Nandi the vehicle of Lord Shiva on the back door.

A prayer (invocation) to Lord Shiva is written on palm leaf and is hung on the top of the door. Along with the palm leaf, kusha grass and a small packet of rice also hung on the door.

At night there is a ritual of making small offerings to wild animals and snakes.

Vittal Navratri – Shri Vithal Navratra

Vittal Navratri is observed in the Ashada month by some Hindu communities in Maharashtra. The Navaratra coincides with the Pandarpur Yatra and Ashadi Ekadasi. Vittal Navratri 2018 begins on July 21. The annual Pandarpur Yatra and Ashadi Ekadasi are on July 23. Hindu God Vithal is an incarnation of Lord Krishna and is worshipped mainly in Maharashtra and parts of Karnataka. The most famous temple dedicated to Lord Vithala is located at Pandarpur.

The Bhakti cult associated with Vithal which was pioneered by Sant Jnaneshwar and Tukaram Maharaj is responsible for numerous social changes in Maharashtra.

The Navratri coincides with the Pandarpur Yatra which begins from Dehu and Alandi in Pune District, fifteen days before the Ashadi Ekadasi.

Prayers and satsangs are held during the period. A major highlight during the period is the singing of bhajans.

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