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The Story of Pradosh Fasting – Pradosha Vrat Katha

Pradosh Vrat, also known as Pradosham, is dedicated to Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. The Pradosha fasting and rituals are observed on the 13th day of lunar fortnight. There is an interesting story mentioned in the Puranas which narrate the origin of the Pradosh Fasting. The Pradosh vrat katha is associated with Samudurmanthana or Churning of ocean and Lord Shiva drinking the poison Halahala.To get Amrita or the elixir of life, Devas and Asuras started the Samudra Manthan or churning of ocean on the advice from Lord Vishnu. The churning of the ocean produced the terrible poison Halahala which had the capacity to devour the universe.Lord Shiva came to the rescue of the Devas and Demons and he drank the poison Halahala. The demons and gods continued the churning of the ocean and finally they got the Amrut or elixir on the twelfth day of lunar fortnight.The Devas and Asuras thanked Lord Shiva on the thirteenth day. Pleased with the devotion, Lord Shiva is believed to have danced between…

Yuriko Ikenoya – a Woman Warkari from Japan Participating in Pandarpur Yatra for 30 years

Warkaris are pilgrims that follow the Tukaram Maharaj Palkhi procession from Dehu and the Sant Dnyaneshwar palkhi from Alandi in Pune to Pandarpur. The warkaris walk more than 210 km to reach Pandarpur. The walk is for 21 days and the Pandarpur yatra is observed on Ashadi Ekadasi day. Yuriko Ikenoya from Japan has been participating in the Pandarpur Yatra for 30 years. She follows the Sant Dnyaneshwar Palkhi from Alandi.Mid-Day reports about Yuriko IkenoyaDraped in a simple, white sari and a laptop in hand, Yuriko Ikenoya, is any other sanyasi at the DyaneshwarSamadhiTemple, but that she is a Japanese by birth.

Speaking chaste Hindi, Yuriko, who is in her early 50s, reminisces about her 30 years at the Palkhi procession.It was the abhangas (rhymes) by Tukaram and Dnyaneshwar, the great Maharashtrian saint poets,that inspired Ikenoya's decision to spend a month with the Palkhi pilgrimage and also go on foot from Alandi to Pandharpur. Ikenoya a graduate in Social Welfare visited Powa…

Kasumbha Chath

Kasumbha Chath is observed in the month of Ashada. Kasumbha Chhath 2018 date is July 16. It is observed during the Shukla Paksha of Ashad month (June – July). The ritual associated with Kasumbha Chat is observed mainly in Gujarat. It is held on the Shukla Paksha Chath or sixth day during the waxing phase of moon.

There is not much information about the Kasumbha Chath. The only information that is available is about the date of the observance.

Note – If any of our readers have more information of Kasumbha Chath please do share it with us in the comment section or send it to us on our mail.