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Planning Pregnancy through the Hindu Vedic and Ayurvedic Way – From Intercourse to Delivery

There are hospitals and Ayurvedic centers in India that perform Ayojit Garbhadaan or Planned Pregnancy, which they claim is part of Vedic living. The entire process of the planned Hindu Vedic and Ayurvedic Way of giving birth to a child starts before the sexual intercourse and includes Panchkarma Therapy, intercourse based on astrological time and calculations, yajna and rituals for healthy conception, ayurvedic healthy dietary schedule and herbal medicines at various stages of pregnancy... and concludes only after the baby eats the first food. Yahoo news writes about Ayojit Garbhadaan or Planned Pregnancy at PN Patel Ayurvedic Hospital at Nadiad, GujaratA decade ago an NRI couple from Canada lost their only child, an eight-year-old daughter due to an incurable genetic disorder. After subsequent medical screening of the couple, doctors strictly advised the mother (who had genetic problems too), not to conceive again to avoid a fatality of her child again.Ten years later, however, the …

Chandan Sashti

Chandan Sashti is observed during two different periods in India. Some communities in eastern part of India observe it during the waxing phase of moon in the month of Vaishakha. Chandan Shashti 2018 date is April 21.

Kashmir Pandits observe a ritual called Chandan Sashti in the dark fortnight of Bhadun month.

Special rituals are observed on the day in eastern parts of India. Some people keep a fast.

Symbolism in the four hands of Hindu God Vishnu – Gopal Uttar Tapani Upanishad

About the four hands of Hindu God Vishnu, Gopal Uttar Tapani Upanishad says:"In my lower right hand, which represents the revolving or creative tendency, I hold the conch, symbol of the five elements.In the upper right hand, which represents the cohesive tendency I hold the discus, shining like an infant sun, symbol of the mind.In the upper left hand, which represents the tendency towards dispersion and liberation, I hold the lotus, symbol of the causal power of illusion, from which the universe rises.In my lower left hand, which represents the notion of individual existence, is the mace, symbol of primeval knowledge."